EV80 Box

Transport freight in an instant.
With all due respect for the environment.

The Maxus EV80 combines environmental friendliness with ease of use. With its electric motor, the EV80 emits exactly 0 grams of CO 2 . Zero emissions: this is how you save the environment. The loading volume of the EV80 is up to 11 m 3 . The payload is also not insignificant. In the EV80 you can transport loads of up to 910 kg. With a capacity of 56 kWh, the EV80 has the most powerful battery in its class. This means you can count on a real  driving range of 154 km with half load, measured according to the new WLTP standard. The EV80 offers three seats in the front. This way you can transport three people and a large load in one trip.


Contemporary and dynamic.

With the Maxus EV80 you will look great. Not only with advanced technology, but also with a contemporary design.

The elegant lines on the sides and doors, which seamlessly merge into the recognizable nose, give the EV80 a dynamic look.

The fresh appearance of the EV80 Minibus is at the same time the ideal showcase for your logo, your contact details and other forms of personalization.

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Agile space wonder.


Thanks to the low insertion of the battery, the EV80 has a completely flat loading floor, so that every square centimeter of space is optimally used. The EV80 is also available with one or two sliding doors. This makes loading and unloading a lot smoother.


Welcome to the city

In the city, the EV80 is completely in its element. That is precisely where a van with zero emissions is very welcome. The small turning circle ensures great maneuverability. Thanks to the available sliding doors, you can load and unload at the tightest locations.

Afgewerkte laadruimte

Ingenieus detail: de laadruimte van de Maxus eDeliver3 is perfect afgestemd op het standaardformaat van europaletten. Bovendien zijn de vloer en de wanden van de laadruimte degelijk afgewerkt.

910 KG

1200 KG *

11.6 M 3

Sizes and weights

Outside dimensions  
Length 5700 mm
Width 1998 mm
Height 2552 mm
Wheelbase 3850 mm
Minimum ground clearance 165 mm
Maximum loading opening width 1560 mm
Maximum loading opening height 1824 mm
Side door width 1305 mm
Side door height 1638 mm
Height of loading floor 620 mm
Internal dimensions  
Maximum load space length 3300 mm
Maximum loading space height 1925 mm
Maximum loading space width 1800 mm
Loadspace width between wheel arches 1380 mm
Loading volume 11.6 m³
GVW 3500 kg
Load capacity 910 kg
Maximum towing capacity
(unbraked trailer)
750 kg
Maximum towing capacity
(trailer braked)
1200 kg


Progressive cockpit.

The EV80 shows how attractive a functional interior can be. Characteristic is the central instrument panel, which is very clear and combines many functions.

In addition to the classic info, displayed by meters or icons, the instrument panel also contains an on-board computer, a consumption meter and a battery indicator. When you slow down, the instrument panel shows that the battery is charging.

Three seats provide all the support and comfort, even for longer journeys. The strong upholstery of the seats and the rubber floor mat ensure a maintenance-free interior.


The future starts today.

Strong engine

The EV80 is equipped with a powerful electric motor with a power of 92 kW and a torque of no less than 320 Nm . The EV80 thus spoils you with great acceleration and a good dose of driving pleasure.
92 KW (125 HP)
320 NM

Powerful battery

With a capacity of 56 kW , the EV80 has the most powerful battery in its class. This means you can count on a driving range of 154 km (WLTP). Battery heating ensures that the impact of cold weather on the driving range is limited.

Fast and easy charging

With a 30 kW fast charger, fast charging takes only 2.5 hours . Charging at home with a wallbox and the integrated charger of 6.6 kW takes no longer than 8.5 hours. Very practical: you can use the same charging cable in both cases.
56 KWH

Progressive cockpit.

Via a 22 kW DC fast charger , the Maxus EV80 can be fully charged within 2.5 hours . Thanks to the new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, you can charge the EV80 almost unlimited in DC. Charging takes 8.5 hours with a standard 7.2 kW AC wallbox connection . The EV80 is standard equipped with a charging cable that is compatible with a wallbox.

AC charging (alternating current)

When charging slowly with a wallbox and the integrated 7.2 kW charger, charging takes no longer than 8.5 hours . Very practical.


DC charging (DC voltage)

With a fast charger of at least   22 kW , fast charging only takes 2.5 hours.

Regenerative braking

The battery is regenerated by regenerative braking of the EV80. This function is particularly interesting in busy city traffic.

Your own charging system

If you have a Maxus EV80, your own charging system becomes interesting. Contact your Maxus dealer for more information .



Safety first, always and everywhere.

Perfectly prepared for the unexpected.

The cage construction of the Maxus EV80 is made of reinforced steel, which absorbs the force released in a collision and prevents deformation. This not only protects the battery, but of course also the occupants.

SIPS: side impact protection

The side impact protection system (SIPS) protects the occupants in side collisions, thanks to reinforcement bars in the doors. 


Active safety systems

In addition to passive safety, the EV80 also offers an extensive active safety package. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) ensures that the wheels do not spin when braking on a slippery road surface. BAS (Brake Assist System) increases the braking force in an emergency, so that your EV80 stops faster.

Electronic Stability Program - ESP

Bij een noodstop zorgt ABS ervoor dat je wielen tijdens het remmen niet gaan blokkeren. Zo kan je bij bruusk remmen nog steeds stuurmanoeuvres uitvoeren om een obstakel te ontwijken.


Make your Maxus unique.

One business is not the other. Every professional activity has its own needs and wishes. That also applies to your van.

Together with your Maxus dealer you can see what you need to work and transport as smoothly as possible. We build in all desired accessories properly and safely.

The most important standard equipment and our attractive prices can be found in our EV80 brochure .

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